Please bring....

  • Warm clothes
  • Cakes, mince pies and other yummy stuff for the cake sale
  • Brooms for snow clearing
  • Sledges and ropes for sledge races
  • Prizes to donate
  • Spikes if you have them (for relay)
  • All your friends!

What about the snow?

A massive, unexpected bonus! DC Leisure (the operators of Kingsmeadow) have agreed to stay open, and we will be having lots of snowbound fun and games! Bring your snow gear (and dry socks for after the relays!) for a magical night everyone will remember...

Provisional schedule

Time Track Field
18:00 Open for registration and warmups
18:45 Junior 5000m Polylauf * Medicine ball throws (weight adjusted scores!)
* Superstars-type fitness tests
* Sledge racing (bring sledge and rope...)
* Wheelbarrow races, bunny hops etc
* Snowman and snowball-rolling contests for little ones...
19:15 Baby Buggy 800m
19:30 Senior 10000m polylauf
20:15 Prizegiving

So what's a Polylauf?

We just invented it ;-) A paarlauf ("pair-run" in German) is a race or training session where pairs of runners take turns to run a lap each in a continuous relay - the most famous one in the area is at Lauriston on Wimbledon Common on Christmas Day. For several years we've had a special session before Christmas where larger teams aim to run a total of 10,000m in somewhere around the world record. It brings home just how fast those people go! Since there are usually more than two in a team, and we're colloquially known as "Kingston & Poly", we coined the phrase "Polylauf". You'll love it!

The events

Open 10,000m polylauf:
Teams of anywhere from 1 to 50 people compete to run the total distance. How you divide it up is up to you. The more in your team, the more recovery you get, and the more we raise! For sheer speed, 3-7 people running 200m intervals is the quickest - but if a couple of you want to do alternate 1000m reps, that will impress us more. we regret that the water jump we promised is not available - no way we could fill it up). Prizes for overall speed, most impressive athletic achievements, silliest costumes, - whatever impresses us!
Junior 5,000m polylauf:
Just like the above, but half the distance - 12.5 laps. Round up your schoolfriends! We suggest teams of between 3 (for the super-fit) and 7, running 200m stages. If you're under 15, please go for the junior race; if 15/16, we'll leave it to your discretion.
800m Baby Buggy Race:
tactics, thrills and spills galore. We will attempt to answer a question that has vexed Parkrunners for years - who is the fastest parent-and-child in Surrey?
Sledge races
Pick a partner (of similar size and weight) and see how fast you call pull them on a sledge. Change over and sprint back. One for the sprinters and rugby players! (Dress for the snow, as you'll get covered in it...)
Medicine Ball Throw:
the purest test of total body power. We'll weigh you, measure your throw and divide the two to get a "power to weight ratio". Is your money on the hulking hammer throwers, some skinny marathoner, or a surprisingly springy ten-year-old?
Superstars-style fitness tests:
maximum squat thrusts, press-ups, speed bounces in a minute...and whatever else we can devise. Has anyone in your family (or office) been boasting about their "gym fitness"? Time for them to prove it..
And more...
Do you have a fun idea for an event? Is there something athletic you think you can do better than anyone else? Let us know and we might add it...

Fundraising and entry fees

We're doing this to raise funds for our club in 2011. We are proud to be a "full service" Athletic Club which coaches all events and age groups, and takes teams and athletes around the country, but this costs a lot. In recent years we have had to fly athletes (and their vaulting poles) to European events, and we need to get teams to places like Glasgow in 2011. Anything we can raise will help to support athletics in this area. So, here's the plan...

  • You will need to pay the normal track entry fee: £3 adults, £2 kids, £0 spectators. Sadly this doesn't go to us.
  • For senior races we welcome a donation. If you're in full time employment, we suggest £3 per person for one event or £5 for all events is appropriate. If that's too much, come on down anyway, have fun, and maybe you could lend a hand for half an hour...
  • We'll ask juniors to raise sponsorship - set some nice soft targets (more on this later), contact us for forms, and see what you can raise!
  • We will be selling teas, coffees and cakes - please work up an appetite and buy a few!

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